Navratri Meditations & Prayer Tokens

We wish you all a warm welcome for this joyous occasion of Navratri on behalf of everyone at Kismat Karma. This is the time we all stand as one and rejoice in the powerful prayers to our goddess Maa Durga who defeated many demons and rid the world of evil on so many occasions. We only pray that these nine days clear away any demons and forms of distress that may cloud you or anyone in the world at this time. We hope you join our prayers at this event and share the love of the universe with the dance and music dedicated to the Universal Mother Maa Durga.   

Navratri Meditations
501.00 GBP

Navratri Meditations for the Navratri period. One meditation per person.

Navratri Prayer Token
108.00 GBP

A Navratri Prayer token will be submitted to Mata Ji during the intense meditations. One token per person. Please submit one prayer per token. Email your prayer with paypal transaction number to


There are nine days of Navratri dedicated to the universal mother goddess Druga each year. In these days the story of Maa Durga are told and retold each night in dedication to her divine powers. 

The story goes as follows:

There were two demons who were taking over the world and all that is good, their names were Madhu and Ketav, both brothers who were so powerful they set out to defeat the gods. They sought a war with the god Vishnu which lasted for five thousand years. Seeing that this was a lengthy war and clearly not a war that was moving in favour of the gods the Gods set out to pray to a power even higher than their own. They prayed to mother Durga, the Universal Goddess. In the form of pride she set upon the demons and they boastfully vowed to die from Vishnu on the condition that they will not be able to see water, earth or sky. Listening to this Vishnu was able to kill the demons by enlarging his own size so they could not see anything but him. Thus he defeated or Maa Durga was able to defeat the undefeatable demons. 
Then came the rein of two other vicious demons Shumbh and Nishumbh, who brought wrath upon the earth once more. They were again slaying humans and the Gods felt their power threatened. The God prayed again to the higher power of Maa Durga who took form of a beautiful young maiden. She sat upon a Lion as her steed and set for the mountain. Dressed in the ornaments and weapons bestowed upon her from each of the Gods she went to ward with these Demons who wished to possess her for their own lust and ego. With little effort she created her own army from within her and slayed the demons along with their armies. 

After the rein of the demon brothers the rein of Rakht-bhij came. This demon king was blessed with a boon from Lord Shiva that with each drop of blood that falls upon the earth another demon will rise in his place. As you can imagine this was a messy war, Maa Durga realised that each time she slayed this demon thousands would reappear in its place all as him with the same strengths and same boon affecting them all. This is when the Divine mother took the form of Goddess Kali. In her fearsome avatar she made herself so big that her tongue covered the earth whist she continued to fight along with her own army. No blood fell upon the earth as mother Kali consumed it. Thus the demon was defeated. 

Alas another demon came soon after. Mahisasura was a demon who was able to transform himself to be in any form he wanted. The great Mother Durga with her army defeated this beastly, demon. She is the saviour of not only the humans but also of the gods, or what we believe is good in the world. 

She is the one who is able to defeat all the demons that are so powerful they could be considered more or equally powerful to the Gods. This is a time when we pray to the power of the universe who is able to hold and create the good and bad and defeat all that is good and bad in the Universe. However, mother Durga adheres to the universal energy of Love. Thus she will always eliminate that which is not in the side of love. 


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