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Free Powerful Spiritual Energy Protection Gift

Free Gift available till 31th March 2019 (For everyone who books a face to face Spiritual Energy Reading® in MARCH)

Offer only available for Spiritual Energy Reading® booked face to face. One gift per person only - gift can be collected on day of reading, however, the instructions will be provided after reading is complete via post or email. This is because the method of usage will change as per your personal energy. Offer Starts 11 March 2019 till 31st March 2019 

Book your exclusive one hour reading by internationally acclaimed celebrity psychic as seen on TV. 

This reading can help you create your destiny by removing hurdles by breaking all negative karmic patterns, negative energy, any trapped energy, any ancestors debts etc. The perfect reading for anyone wanting to take full control of their destiny! 

Spiritual Energy Reading can only be provided face to face or via video call. During the reading, we will discuss any spiritual phenomena you have been experiencing. 

Please come to the reading 15 minutes early to complete a consultation form. If you request a Video reading, a team member will contact you to help complete your form prior to your reading.

"It’s time you gave yourself permission to be yourself, made self-nourishing choices, and lived the beautiful life your soul intended. In fact, you can’t afford to wait.."

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