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Kismatkarma want you to make the most of the universal energy influences. At Kismatkarma we believe that if we match our efforts with current cosmic influence we can harness the energy of the universe to help achieve our goals by using this perfect timing.

Magical Month of Asvina  


Every year, the Saturdays that fall in the month of Vedic  Rashi Kanya, when the Sun is in Virgo, is an extremely auspicious time. These 4 Saturdays are very important for finances. When the Sun is shining in Virgo, It’s going to be a great time for people to work on their prosperity, finances and Wealth area of life. So I strongly recommend that you make the most of these 4 Saturdays. The Spiritual energy of this divine month should not be wasted!


The Four Saturdays I write about are: Sep. 22nd, 29th, Oct. 6th & Oct. 13, 2018


These are Spiritual Power Booster Days to Invoke Supreme Spirit of Wealth and Abundance, for Prosperity, Peace, Longevity and Happiness Blessings




The Saturdays in the Asvina (mid-September to mid-October) are auspicious to invoke Vishnu in his most supreme form as Venkateshwara for blessings to create wealth. During this month, the Sun is in Virgo, a sign ruled by Mercury. Mercury’s overlord is Vishnu, the Archetype of wealth. These Saturdays are highly auspicious to participate in Meditations for Lord Vishnu, who can give prosperity blessings on these power days. 


Supreme Form of Vishnu Descends to the Earth Plane

Lord Vishnu descended to the Earth plane in the human form of Venkateshwara (Lord Tirupati, the Supreme Lord of Wealth) during this month. Venkateshwara is the protector of the Kali Yuga and can shower wealth, well-being, prosperity, pleasures and spiritual enlightenment blessings upon those who connect powerfully with his energy.


First Saturday [Sep. 22, 2018]

On this day, the Moon will be in the sign Aquarius and transiting the star Dhanishta, the star of wealth, as well as receiving the aspect of Saturn. This Moon and Saturn association can help you cultivate patience and perseverance to achieve your goals and ambitions and gain favourable Vishnu blessings


Second Saturday [Sep. 29, 2018]

On this day, the Moon will be in the sign Aries and transiting the star Krittika, as well as receiving the aspect of Jupiter and Venus. This Moon and Jupiter combination forms an auspicious yoga called Gaja Kesari yoga, which can bring all kinds of prosperity and wealth blessings


Third Saturday [Oct. 6, 2018]

On this day, the Moon will be in the sign Leo and transiting the star Magha, as well as receiving the aspect of Mars. This combination of planets along with Vishnu’s blessings can help you work towards reducing your debts and can give the determination to achieve your financial goals


Fourth Saturday [Oct. 13, 2018]

On this day, the Moon will be in the sign Scorpio and transiting the star Anuradha, star of Goddess Lakshmi. As the Moon will be sharing the sign Scorpio with Jupiter, it can bless you with splendid spiritual knowledge. Invoking Lord Vishnu on this day can help you invite Goddess Lakshmi’s wealth creation energy, as well as blessings for spiritual growth and enlightenment


As per Vedic texts Vishnu Controls Malefic Saturn During these four Saturdays

According to sacred texts, connecting with Vishnu during the Saturdays during this time can minimize any malefic or delaying effects of Planet Saturn. Hence, it is an ideal period to propitiate both Vishnu and Sani (Saturn) for overall well-being and an affluent life.


Book your Spiritual Meditations now for this POWERFUL month 

*Please note to participate in these meditations you must follow a Vegetarian diet (no eggs or alcohol) 

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