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Empowered Meditations

Dr Arti Jangra offers a choice of spritual energy meditations that will offer protection and energise your efforts in a chosen area.


For all of these distant meditations, you have the option of selecting whether you want it to last for one month, six months or one year.

Please call 020 80365711 to discuss the packages in more detail.

At Kismat Karma we understand you may not be able to follow Spiritual practice at this time, this is why we have specially designed meditation to help you in your efforts. 


Following spiritual practice helps to nullify the effect of the increased Negative energy in the environment. 


Which Distant Meditation Is Best For You?


Basic Spiritual Energy Meditations

If you feel your Spirituality level is strong then you may benefit from our basic meditations. The person may still be affected by the adverse spiritual effect of the negative energy as your Karma can not be removed by our basic meditations.


Intense Spiritual Energy Meditations

This is to counteract the rise in negative energy. There is infinite divine energy in the Universe that can be accessed by individuals through our intense meditations. If you feel your spirituality level is medium, then you may benefit from this specially designed meditation. Please note, this meditation will not surpass the effects of your Karma. 


Grand Master Spiritual Energy Meditations

People who make the effort to do intense spiritual practice during their lifetime may benefit from our Grand Master Meditations to help increase their spirituality. This specially designed meditation is very powerful. It may benefit you if you feel negative energy around you and feel your spirituality level is very weak due to negative energies.

Spiritual Energy Meditations

Meditations will be conducted by Dr Arti Jangra on your behalf for Spiritual and Psychic Protection for 18 days. After you submit your request, email with your full name and date of birth and receipt number to submit your meditation.

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