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Spiritual Energy Reading®

A Spiritual Energy reading is a reading method that is EXCLUSIVE to Kismatkarma. After years of experience and Spiritual practices, Dr Arti has engineered this unique method, which offers the utmost protection to your aura whilst having your energies read. Highly recommended for those experiencing psychic attacks, pregnancy, children, or those with a vulnerable condition. As in these circumstances, your aura is more exposed. 


Book your Exclusive upto 1 hour reading with an Internationally acclaimed celebrity psychic as seen on TV.


For all of our distant readings, you have the option of selecting whether you want it read in person, via Skype, WhatsApp, or over the phone.


Appointments can be booked between 10am to 5pm. An additional £10 will be added for any out-of-hour booking request.


​Please use the chat option to discuss the various packages in more detail.

Face to Face and Skype Readings
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