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Time to wave goodbye to Capricorn season for another year and welcome in some solar vibes from Aquarius! The water bearer brings in a gust of fresh air as we’re all encouraged to embrace our uniqueness, and shine that authentic light brightly! As the zodiac sign of the freedom fighter, the next 4 weeks could see you campaigning for social justice and fighting for the cause you believe in most.. can you chose one? It’s time to shake up the system: Vive la revolution! You may want to improve things for yourself and fight for yourself! This is the perfect time to empower yourself and believe in yourself. Accomplish success in goals and ambitions you have set but never pursued. Contact Kismatkarma® for a reading today and make the most of this energy powerpoint!

We recommend a Spiritual Energy Reading® to help you end longterm procrastination! Discover what's really holding you back and find out how to move forward.

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