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42 Unique Blessings on Sept 13th

Updated: Sep 30, 2018

32 Forms of Ganesha Give 42 Unique Blessings Ganesha Chaturthi, September 13, 2018 marks the birthday of Lord Ganesha.  This day marks one of the most important power times in the year to welcome Ganesha, the Lord of fortune and wisdom, into your life and receive his blessings for the fulfillment of your desires and to enjoy peace and prosperity. According to scriptures, the birth of Ganesha is described as Goddess Parvati making a child figure out of turmeric powder, breathing life into him, and naming him as Ganesha. Created by Goddess Parvati, Ganesha became the epitome of divine intellect, and he gained the status as the Lord of beginnings and was blessed by Lord Shiva.  According to the Ganesha tradition of worship, Ganesha manifested in many unique forms to give specific blessings to devotees. Ona Ganesha’s Birthday, Kismat Karma will be invoking 32 forms of Ganeshareferred to as ‘Ekavimsathi’. Should you wish to request your blessings token According to the sacred text Mudgala Purana, the 32 forms of Ganesha can bestow 42 unique blessings:

32 Forms of Ganesha Meaning of Each Form Blessings – Each Form Bestows

Bala Ganapatithe child like Courage to face challenges in life

Taruna Ganapatithe youthful Everlasting happiness and joyfulness

Bhakti Ganapatidear to devotees Faith and devotion to achieve big in life

Veera Ganapatithe valiant Courage, harmony and prosperity

Shakti Ganapatithe powerful Power, authority and command

Dvija Ganapatithe twice born Good health and prosperity

Siddhi Ganapatithe accomplished Siddhi powers

Uchchhishta Ganapati lord of blessings Good relationship and increase intimacy

Vigna Ganapati lord of obstacles Fulfilling life by removing obstacles

Kshipra Ganapati lord of quick action Good knowledge and fulfilment of wishes

Heramba Ganapati protector of the weak Confidence and help overcome fears

Lakshmi Ganapati bestower of wealth Wealth and wisdom

Maha Ganapati lord of lords Overall wellbeing and prosperous life

Vijaya Ganapati lord of victory Success in all endeavors

Nritya Ganapati lord of Dance Proficiency in arts

Urdhva Ganapatithe one who elevates Upliftment in life

Ekakshara Ganapatithe single syllabled Mastery over mind control

Vara Ganapatithe boon bestower Success and boons

Tryakshara Ganapatithe lord three syllables Spiritual upliftment and self-realization

Kshipra Prasada Ganapatithe who rewards swiftly Affluence and fulfills desires

Haridra Ganapatithe golden one Material wealth and fulfilment of wishes

Ekadanta Ganapatithe single tusked Clarity and help come out of ignorance

Srishti Ganapati lord of manifestation Power of discrimination

Uddanda Ganapati lord of dharma Blessings to be free of bondages

Runamochana Ganapatithe liberator of humanity Blessings to get rid of karmic debts

Dhundi Ganapatithe one who is sought after Spiritual awakening

Dvimukha Ganapatithe one who has two faces Internal & external wellbeing blessings

Trimukha Ganapatithe who has three faces Fearlessness and success in life

Simha Ganapatithe fearless Boons and cures diseases

Yoga Ganapatithe yogi Physical and mental wellness

Durga Ganapati lord of invincible Remove obstacles & win over negativities

Sankatahara Ganapatithe destroyer of sorrows Happiness, fulfilment by destroying sorrows

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