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Ancestral New Moon

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Honor your ancestors, seek their blessings

Amavasya on Feb. 4th is the only special New Moon for Ancestors that takes place when the Sun starts moving towards the Northern hemisphere, called the ‘renewal’ phase. The Sun will be in the sign Capricorn, and this period is called the ‘Dawn in Heaven.’

Feeding the souls of your ancestors and by performing spiritual meditations when the Sun is the strongest enables you to receive your ancestors’ blessings in abundance to renew your life.

According to the sacred text Brahma Purana, departed ancestors’ souls are elevated beings equivalent to gods and deserve your spiritual offerings. Your ancestors, when appeased with special prayer offerings according to scriptures, can become your greatest benefactors.

This Amavasya is also one of the important New Moons to reduce the impact of Pitru Dosha, known as ancestral affliction. This affliction, which happens due to non-performance of Tarpanam (Ancestral Offerings), can impact you to a great extent and may manifest as prolonged illnesses, misunderstandings at home, no career progress, financial instability, and progeny-related issues.

According to scriptures, feeding the poor and needy is considered the highest form of charity, which enables you to receive the blessing of your ancestors and all celestial beings to invite prosperity into your life

Reciting the sacred Vedic text – Gokarna Bhagavata Saptaha this Amavasya can liberate the souls, which have committed the worst sins.

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