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Ashada Navaratri

Varahi is a form of Lakshmi. She is also related to the Goddess of Shreem who is Mahalakshmi. We need them at these times, and they are willing to come and help us. Varahi is very much present, and she's the Goddess of the earth, and she's the Goddess of gold, platinum, abundance, above all the Goddess who knows the need of people and wants to do things as quickly as possible.

After seeking the blessings of Varahi, on the culmination day of Ashada Navaratri (9 Nights of Varahi), the magnificent Supreme Feminine Energy of the three worlds, Goddess Lalita will be invoked by chanting Lalita Sahasranamam (1000 Names of Goddess Lalita) as taught by Hayagriva to Sage Agastya, followed by a personalized Meditation. This can help with:

  • Fulfill desires and wishes

  • Give strength, power, and victory

  • Bring happiness and prosperity

  • Bestow health, wealth and auspiciousness

  • Grant mental peace and harmony at home

  • Confer the power to attract and overpower enemies

  • Restore stability in life

Dr Arti will be requesting powerful Goddess Chandi to overcome dark forces and answer your special prayers. Praying to Supreme Protectress Chandi to create a divine invincible protective shield in your life against negativities and misfortune.

If you have been affected by negative energy and feel you need extra strength the please choose the Empowered Blessings token.

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