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Diwali Blessings

Diwali: Power Blessings Token for Ultimate Wealth

It was on Diwali that the demon Narakasura, the personification of greed, ego, and poverty, was killed by Lord Vishnu. Diwali represents positive spiritual power when the divine can illuminate the darkness of our karmic limitations and allow pure wealth consciousness to reign. Embrace this opportunity by connecting with the divine light of ultimate wealth, Lakshmi, in her 16 forms and in the powerful forms.

16 Forms of Wealth Blessings from Goddess Lakshmi On Diwali Day

According to the sacred hymn – Mahalakshmi Stuti (Hymn of Praise on Goddess Mahalakshmi), invoking the Goddess of Wealth in her 16 special forms can bring wealth, auspiciousness, fortune, prosperity and 16 types of wealth blessings.

You can order your Diwali blessings token for Diwali, you will receive an email with tips to help enhance this cosmic energy. Your Blessings token will be submitted for the Power meditations!

The 16 Forms of Laxmi -

Adi Lakshmi

Wealth of endless fortune and prosperity

Dhana Lakshmi

Wealth of money and riches

Dhanya Lakshmi

Wealth of food and a healthy life

Gaja Lakshmi

Wealth of power, authority, and vehicles

Santana Lakshmi

Wealth of progeny

Veera Lakshmi

Wealth of valor, patience, and objectivity

Vijaya Lakshmi

Wealth of victory and focus on goals

Vidya Lakshmi

Wealth of education, knowledge, and talents

Medha Lakshmi

Wealth of wisdom and intellect

Bhagya Lakshmi

Wealth of all-around prosperity

Keerthi Lakshmi

Wealth of good name and fame

Arogya Lakshmi

Wealth of sound health, devoid of diseases

Siddhi Lakshmi

Wealth of Siddhi powers and grant anything you pray for

Soundarya Lakshmi

Wealth of enchanting beauty

Samrajya Lakshmi

Wealth of position and moksha (salvation)

Mangala Lakshmi

Wealth of auspiciousness

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