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Eclipse Season

In one of her previous conversations Dr Arti had mentioned turbulent 100 days in the April – July 2021 period and we have seen substantial churning all over the world and our lives. It is time for the next shift in our collective fortunes when Sun on 14th May would join Rahu ( Dragon's Head ), Venus & Mercury in the sign of Taurus. This change is significant since in a span of 27 days, we would experience the combined gravitational pull of 4 planets together and also experience a Lunar eclipse ( visible & influencing South East Asia, Australia and parts of North & South America ) on the 26th of May in an inimical sign for the Moon. On its its heels the Solar eclipse on 10th June would be visible & exert effects on the USA, Canada, UK, China mostly.

The real effects of this 4 planet cluster & two eclipses: Rahu is a planet that absorbs the energy of planets close it. With Sun, Venus & Mercury in close proximity, Rahu would become the accumulation & converging point for all 4 planets. In your horoscope, this conjunction & the Solar eclipse of 10th June 2021 takes place in the house of family, finances, expression, profession, health & competition and you will find a tremendous urge for change as well as a jump in activity in these areas of your life. The Lunar eclipse of 26th May affects the zone of sudden & unexpected events, gains from others as well as from events not triggered off by you. These movements of planets point to significant changes & opportunities that would have an effect on your fortune & the way you look at life till 25th October 2021. You need to understand the effects & plan for the upcoming events, potential opportunities of the Lunar eclipse, and possible upsets of the Solar eclipse. Find out what this cosmic energy means for you ... book your Spiritual Energy Reading®

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