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Full Moon October

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

Full Moon in Aries. Mars retrograde conjunct Black Moon Lilith (and Eris!). Mars is also square Saturn and Pluto - Situations come to ahead. We’re fired up, impulsive, outraged. A desire to win burns yet we may feel held back, compromised, vulnerable, forced into a corner. Somehow, we must find our balance and figure out what we’re fighting for. Take care with reactions. Sore spots are exposed.

There is an opportunity, however, to transmute pain into strength.

Raise your frequency. Heal the warrior within.

Pay attention to where your energy is going. 

This is a time to figure out where compromise is possible and which issues are non-negotiable. Dare to say no. Dare to point out the elephant in the room. Dare to stand up and be counted where it matters. Remember you are a co-creator with life, a living flame, a divine spark. Assert yourself. Own your fire. 

Degrees and Times

Moon 09°Ar08', Sun 09°Li08' D – 22:05 (BST)

Black Moon Lilith (True Position), Eris 24°Ar09' – 07:55 (BST)

Mars, Black Moon Lilith (True Position) 24°Ar54' - 13:25 (BST)

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