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Full Moon Blessings

Augusts Full Moon is the “eye of the storm” phase where all will feel calm and settled following the past few intense months. It is also a time where we can finally take a breather, rest and reset, before cosmic energy heightens again from September through to the end of the year.

The overall vibration of the Aquarius moon is freedom, so we will be wanting to liberate ourselves from anything constricting and limiting. In particular our attachments to whatever or whoever causes drama, chaos, unrest or friction will be illuminated.

Therefore, now is the time to pay close attention to the reasons we cling to old habits or connections we know no longer serve our soul, and to find the strength to distance and disconnect.

Be prepared for a huge internal shift with these clashing and contrasting energies, as Leo's powerful and forceful nature causes Aquarius' logic to go out the window and for the heart to totally crack open. We will see our relationships or connections from an entirely different perspective and our raw, suppressed emotions will want to spill out. This means we will be far more vulnerable and truthful about what we feel for certain people, so we may either give or receive love declarations, as we finally find the courage to communicate or be open to how we really feel.

We will come out of this lunar energy with far more clarity, awareness and with renewed belief in ourselves, as well as having reaffirmed our beliefs about what we know to be true in the world - without biased outside interferences altering our truths.

Surreal and unexpected scenarios often arise during the Aquarius Full Moon, so be prepared for absolutely anything to happen, from a surprise meeting to revolutionary news that could shake and change everything as we currently know it.

Uranus goes retrograde on August 11th, and as it is now in its shadow period and is the ruler of Aquarius, it will also have a major impact on us during this Full Moon. This means we should be ready for a sudden change of fate, disruptions to occur, and to not rely too heavily on anything remaining the same over the coming weeks.

Over this next week expect timelines to suddenly shift, as the intentions we have been setting miraculously start manifesting, our passions ignite and a life filled with love, magic and abundance begins to be created, as our innermost dreams rapidly become a reality.

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