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Full Moon of Royal Fortune Can Bring Prosperity and Fulfill Desires

The upcoming Karthigai Deepam Full Moon on November 23, 2018 is regarded as the most auspicious and generous Full Moon that can bestow prosperity and fulfill your desires this YEAR! On this day, there is a rare planetary alignment in the heavens called Raja Yoga (Fortune of the Kings). The Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Mars will be squaring the Moon, which is in its exalted sign, Taurus (second house of Finance in the natural zodiac). Moreover, the opposition of the queen of planets, the Moon and the fortune planet Jupiter will be forming Gaja Kesari Yoga (Name & Fame Booster and Poverty Consciousness Remover).

On this Karthigai Deepam Full Moon of Abundance, Dr Arti Jangra will be invoking the blessings of the universal Goddess Bhuvaneshwari who rules the Moon and the entire cosmos. According to Sri Vidya system of worship, participating in the special Goddess Bhuvaneshwari Fire Prayer and Meditations can help you to invoke this powerful Goddess to manifest your desires, be relieved from stress and fears and give you good health, prosperity, and popularity.

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