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Hungry Ghost Month

HUNGRY GHOST MONTH- this year- August 19th to September is believed not to start anything on this month, relationships, business, construction of houses. And it is also said that swimming at night time is not allowed as ghosts or other spirits(nagas) love water and spirits will drown you. Pregnant women are advised not to stay out late at night as ghosts will pursue them. Traveling and driving far at night time is not good as accidents can happen. Do not cover your forehead as when you do, it weakens you and ghosts will try to overcome you. There are lots of prohibitions and superstitious beliefs that's incorporated with Hungry Ghost month. So it is advisable to do the offering on day 1, offer food and money( fake ones)to burn, outside your home or business premise, or on the road. You can also do this in temples, offer incense and burn paper money (ghost money). As doing so, ghosts will not hurt you or do bad things to you. For a detailed reading call 07832029329

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