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January 18th, 2021

January 18th, 2021 - Jupiter Square Uranus

On January 18th, 2021 Jupiter (6° Aquarius) is square Uranus (6° Taurus).

This is the 2nd most important transits of the year, after Saturn square Uranus. This is also a very brief transit, so we won’t have the square number 2 and 3. Brief and intense.

Whatever the agenda of Jupiter square Uranus is, we will get acquainted with it quickly. Whatever needs to be done, it will get done now. There is friction between the old and the new. Old beliefs and dogmas will get a razor-sharp reality check.

Jupiter exposes and magnifies the planet it touches. Jupiter will trigger and even blow Uranus themes - freedom, truth, liberation - out of proportion. There is no going back with this transit.

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