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June Full Moon

The full moon on Monday, June 17, 2019, at 25° Sagittarius is important because it is the last moon phase of the current eclipse cycle which began with the January 5 solar eclipse. So for many reasons, this is a full moon to make your long term dreams come true.

The energy of this full moon points towards negativity, mean-spiritedness, and sadness in love. This phase can test your faith with disappointments. You will however, have a healthy dose of reality that lowers the risk of delusion and deception. It will help you channel your inspiration and enthusiasm into hard work to manifest your hopes and dreams.

This full moon phase also brings quick thinking and a sense of urgency in the spiritual realm. But it points to frustration, heated words, and even hatred. Thankfully, the divine energy gives compassion and empathy to avoid conflict. It also gives the passion and vision to make your dreams come true.

This is also the LAST moon phase before the July 2 solar eclipse. So it is important to look back at the previous eclipses that started this eclipse phase. There are only two weeks left to complete what you started about five months ago. It is time to finalize matters so you will be ready to start a new phase of life in two weeks time. Book your Manifestation blessings token NOW 

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