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Kartika Purnima

It is believed, Lord Shiva goes into deep meditation on ‘Kartik Purnima’ His consort and feminine energy Aadi Shakti, Maa Parvati, watches over the Universe during this period; He emerges from that state on the midnight of Mahashivratri  (except that He wakes up on the auspicious occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi for a day and again goes into deeper meditation to come out of it on Mahashivratri). As such, the period between ‘Kartika Purnima’ and Ganesh Chaturthi  is called Shakti period when Aadi Shakti, Maa Parvati, in her different manifestations,  is supreme and occupies an exalted position.

Under the domain of Maha Shakti period, emotions run high, and sinners are punishes, as Mahakali is beyond Kaal. She is not restricted to the Kaal Chakra, therefore can create a whole new path for you.

When Lord Shiva is in Samadhi, a period of self reflection begins. It is important to be mindful and aware of all your actions.

Book your Divine Devi Blessings token NOW for Blessings during this time period.

Please specify what you would like to focus on for your blessings token:

1. Banishing enemies

2. Success in work

3. Family unity

4. Relationship strengthening

5. Financial success

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