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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Taurus

On April 30th, 2022, there will be a New Moon and Solar Eclipse at 10° Taurus. This is one of the most anticipated — if not THE most anticipated — New Moons and Eclipses of the year.

On the same day as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, which is also a New Moon Eclipse conjunct Uranus, we may expect "unexpected developments."

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– What If?

There's so much potential with the Eclipse; the world is our oyster. Dreams can come true right now. But first we must accept the fact that living a life of pleasure and fulfillment is possible.

“What if?”

Our minds are wired to be overconfident. We underestimate how swiftly we can accomplish things and overestimate how much money we'll make, while underestimating how lengthy it will take us to complete tasks or write that 3-week (turning into a 3-month) writing project.

Many of these lesson plans are about learning how to manage Saturn, which entails understanding what we can realistically accomplish with our talents and resources. However, life is not only about improving one's Saturn position.

While we tend to overestimate our abilities vs. Saturnian facts, in the area of more significant, less tangible aspects of life - like happiness and fulfilment - the opposite is true.

While we may claim to want to be happy, we sabotage ourselves in unconscious ways or miss out on opportunities because deep down we don't believe happiness is an option because we don't believe that our aspirations can become real. And the New Moon and Eclipse in Taurus' beauty resides in this distinction.

The New Moon's primary message is "What if?" What if a life of bliss is actually feasible? What if we can fulfill our potential?

The New Moon may not yet offer you THE recipe for a happy life, but things will begin to change. Your viewpoint will alter. You'll begin to see things in a new light — one that is more beautiful.

Taurus's New Moon and Solar Eclipse may not result in the prince/princess charming, or help you climb Kili. But it will provide you with something far more essential: a thorough knowledge of what makes you genuinely happy, the type of person you want to be, and the sort of life you wish to have going forward.

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