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Receive Muruga’s Blessings Token For Divine Intelligence and To Defeat Enemies

On Jan. 21st, the Moon aligns with the star Pushya, associated with intelligence. This particular cosmic event fills the earth plane with divine energy to get rid of ignorance and limitations due to karma and empower yourself with divine intelligence and spiritual evolution. On this day seek the blessings of Lord Muruga and his mighty weapon, to help you connect with his divine intelligence and receive his blessings to eliminate ignorance, debts and diseases, as well as to defeat enemies.

On January 21, the Moon will be strongly placed in its own sign, Cancer and will be transiting star Pushya, ruled by Saturn. The Moon represents the mind principle and Pushya is associated with intelligence and nourishment. The Moon along with Rahu in Cancer, will be receiving the aspect of Jupiter. This cosmic alignment helps you to work on improving your strategies to overcome enemies and nourish and boost your inner strength. The star lord Saturn in the 9th house of higher knowledge and fortune helps you to seek protection from the divine. So, this special Supermoon can not only increase your intelligence but also help you to conquer negativity.

Shiva, the primordial archetype who has the power to dissolve even the worst karma, came to the earth plane to reduce sufferings and grant enlightenment to the people.

Muruga, the Pleiadian God, received the powerful weapon, of the “Vel,” to vanquish all evil and negative forces. The Vel represents infinite wisdom that brings true liberation

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