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Time to Change


If it’s the problems that you’re focused on, it will be the problems that you continue to have 

Try this out today 

1. Ask yourself what is the reason you’ve focused more on the things that aren’t and haven’t gone the way you desired? 

2. Ask yourself what have you proactively done from a place of assurance to change your situations that don’t serve you? 

3. Ask yourself what would you need to actually change the undesirable problem? How will you go about getting what you need today? 


If you come up with an EXCUSE as to why you can’t get what you desire, ask yourself what about the “problem life” do you enjoy that’s keeping you from actually doing what’s necessary to change it? 

Change comes to those who are willing to get uncomfortable and into the unknown. Change doesn’t come through doing what’s always been done. 

These 3 questions will create an immense amount of clarity for you today! 

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