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 To be successful in life one must be strong physically, mentally, intellectually and socially. Hanuman is a symbol of all the four and you pray him to be like him or to get his blessings to be like him. Physically Hanuman is the strongest; he can carry mountains, jump across oceans and defeat any person on earth due to his prowess. His body is hard as diamond (Vajra). He can execute any task assigned at the speed of thought (manojavam) and has superior intelligence. Finally one must have uncompromising discipline in whatever we do and that is only possible if we overcome temptations (Jitendrium). You are tempted to sleep that extra hour, skipping your morning exercise, you are tempted to eat and drink everything you see at the buffet, you are prone to procrastinate due to laziness, and these are signs of not having control over your mind or indriyas. To be successful in life, you must be like Hanuman, physically, mentally and intellectually strong and with complete control over all your temptations.

Hanuman Blessings Token


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