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The festival is celebrated on the fifth day after Amavasya or moonlit-fortnight in the holy month of Shraavana across most part of India. Nag Panchami is a day to offer milk and prayers to serpents (snakes). On this day, worshiping Lord Shiva, the holder of serpent, is considered auspicious, Naga Chaturthi and Naga Panchami (also known as Garuda Panchami) are traditional Hindu festivals dedicated to the invocation of snake gods. Nagas are very powerful, mystical beings in the form of snakes that have the power to cast or remove curses. This festival is a very auspicious time to seek protection against snake afflictions from your previous births and to invoke serpentine blessings for the wellbeing of your children, family, and overall prosperity. Request your blessings token now! 1 token per person

Nag Panchami Power Remedy


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