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Sudharshana Jayanthi is the birthday of wealth archetype Vishnu's supremely divine and mighty weapon Sudharshana Chakra (wheel or discus). This powerful weapon carried by preserver and sustainer Vishnu is a solid shield of righteousness and protection and the grave enemy of negative forces that obstruct your growth and success. According to sacred texts, propitiating this divine discus is equivalent to worshipping the ten avatars of Vishnu. Revering Sudharshana Chakra, which is personified as Chakrathazhvar, on this special occasion can protect you from negativities and bestow victory, good health, and a blissful life.


Success rate may vary as per your personal spiritual energy.

If you have been blocked by dark energy then this remedy will not help you. In which case we would recommend you book a psychic reading.

Sudharshana Jayanthi Power Remedy


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