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12 January 2020


January 12th, 2020, is bringing a huge and dramatic energy shift and is possibly going to be the most intense and life-altering day of the entire year.

Collectively our entire planet is about to go through a major and rapid transformation, as the old Saturn Pluto synodic cycle closes out and a new one begins.

We will all start to notice that both internal and external transformations are occurring on a huge level, as outdated beliefs, past conditioning, old patterns and oppressive and limiting structures disintegrate and fall apart.

Saturn, the Lord of Karma, and Pluto, the planet of transformation, have connected in Capricorn, the constellation that Saturn rules over, and the zodiac sign most well known for discipline, responsibility and “reaping what you sow.”

To add to the mix, Mercury also aligns with both Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, amplifying the energy even further. This means it is possible that heated discussions may be occurring relating to limitations, restrictions, communication issues, misunderstandings, travel plans or relocations. However, we will be far less likely to be drawn into these types of arguments and debates and we will find we have a clearer and calmer voice and that we stand up for what we believe in, so we can forge through with the plans we’ve long been trying to manifest.

We will notice we have mental clarity and that we are strong willed, bolder, more determined and less likely to be swayed by those who don’t hold the same values, ideologies and desires as we do, and we’ll be unstoppable in moving forward to create the exact life we’ve been desperately wanting to live.

This once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignment in Capricorn will force anything out of alignment to fall apart. Whatever lacks integrity, compassion, pure intent or morality will face the consequences, or simply be eliminated, as both Saturn and Pluto’s influence brings justice and balance back into our lives.

The Saturn and Pluto conjunction is a major catalyst, signifying the completion of a 38 year era, when the planets last met in Libra, and the start of an exciting new one.

We will begin to witness either break downs or break throughs happening around us, as whatever no longer serves a divine purpose clears out and new systems take form in their place. This can be a painful process at times, so it is recommended to surrender to these purging energies and release whatever or whoever holds us back, lowers our vibration or that we know is not resonating, sustainable or healthy to be around.

If we don’t make necessary decisions for ourselves, the Universe will surely sweep in and make them for us, and this is when we are forced to learn lessons the harder way, rather than navigating them in our own time and on our own terms.

Particularly as both Saturn, Pluto and Capricorn can all be quite serious, disciplined, determined and forceful energies, so while they will be fully supporting our highest good, they won’t be playing around when it comes to creating necessary change and much needed transformation.

While Saturn and Pluto take us through a sometimes brutal period of letting go of energies that are out of alignment, it is important to remember that the short term pain and discomfort is better than spending long periods repeatedly making the same mistakes, going over the same tired old lessons and being embroiled in turmoil or emotional harm, and overall, in scenarios that aren’t genuine or holding loving intentions.

Saturn can be an immensely positive influence in our lives, if we open to it, as it offers clarity and wisdom to situations we have previously failed to make sense of. This wise and disciplined planet offers the opportunity to dive deep and soul search so we can figure out exactly what has been happening in our lives and most importantly why.

Saturn orbits the sun so slowly that it shows us patience, control, tolerance, persistence, surrender, and composure, and helps us understand that when we want to manifest our dreams and best possible life, commitment and perseverance always pay off.

Saturn helps determine whether we’re placing our energy in the right areas and if all our loyalty, dedication, and faithfulness to certain people or situations are truly worth it. It also takes us through stages that feel unrelenting and destabilising, as this planet is all about learning from past mistakes, so it asks us to revisit them if we haven’t fully learned the lesson. We can only move forward when we understand why we put ourselves in certain situations or become emotionally involved with people who we weren’t meant to be with long-term.

Pluto compliments Saturn’s energy by forcing us through a deep cleanse to clear out low vibrational energy, whether by our doing, or by the Universe unexpectedly shifting things around so we have no option but to break ties with whatever or whoever is anchoring or pulling us down.

To sail through this period without too much disruption it is imperative that we contemplate why we are clinging to unfulfilling, unhealthy and undesirable dynamics, when we know we have the strength to make a clean break and detox and heal from any dependency or pain.

The transition is not going to be easy, we may try to fight aspects of it, throw tantrums, release tears and raise white flags with reluctance. However, as the days pass we will heal, restructure, regroup and realise how imperative the skin-shedding was for the evolution of our soul’s journey and expansion.