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Eclipse Power Remedy

Book your Eclipse Power Remedy today!

Every month, the consistent cycle of the Moon waxes and wanes from the darkness of the New Moon into the bright and shiny Full Moon. This 28-day orbit is steady and consistent…except when something ~peculiar~ happens. This Eclipse Power Remedy will help you receive blessings from the Universe for NEW BEGINNINGS and help protect your Spiritual Energy from Dark Energy and Entity attacks.

You see, three to seven times each year, the Moon reaches the upper and lower boundaries of its orbit—known as the Lunar nodes—and perfectly aligns with the Sun and Moon. In astrology, the North and South Lunar nodes are considered the “Nodes of Fate.” The South Node reveals our past karma while the North Node exposes our spiritual destiny. Casual! Since eclipses activate these nodes, they are significant to our future.

November 30: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Gemini

December 14: Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

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