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Guru Purnima & Lunar Eclipse Coincide

After a Decade - Guru Purnima & Lunar Eclipse Coincide

As a rare occurrence, after a decade, the lunar eclipse is happening on the same day as Guru Purnima. To help you by mitigating the adverse effects and boosting the positives of the lunar eclipse. In Vedic astrology, Jupiter (Brihaspati) and Venus (Shukracharya) are considered as Gurus. In our daily life, all teachers, sages, and saints are represented by the planet Jupiter. On Guru Purnima day, Jupiter’s placement and its conjunction with Moon create auspicious Yoga making this Guru Purnima unique. Guru Purnima is the day dedicated to remember, respect, and thank your Gurus and to seek forgiveness from them for all mistakes and pay off any Karmic debt that you owe them. Request your Eclipse power remedy before its too late

On Guru Purnima day, the Moon will be in Purvashada and Jupiter in Uttarashada, the duo invincible stars making the day favorable to receive the blessings of your Guru to attract luck and fortune and conquer obstacles on the path towards prosperity. On this day, Moon, the ruler of our mind, will be in Venus-ruled Purvashada star, and Jupiter will be in the Sun-ruled Uttarashada. This combination is happening in Sagittarius, the natural zodiac 9th house of fortune. Being goal-oriented and focused can help you reach your targets with the blessings of your Guru.

Jupiter will be sharing the sign Sagittarius along with Moon. Whenever Jupiter and the Moon (two natural benefic planets) come together in a sign, it forms one of the most divine royal Yogas called Gaja Kesari Yoga- Gaja means Elephant, and Kesari means Lion. This Yoga carries the energy and vigor of these two powerful animals. It is one of the powerful Raja Yogas that can bless with wealth, respect, confidence, prosperity, compassion, power, name & fame, and, at the same time, make one very spiritual.

Though Ketu present along with Jupiter-Moon combination in Sagittarius restricts the potency of the Raja Yoga, it also helps to boost the intellectual abilities represented by the Moon and the spiritual and higher learning aspects of Jupiter.

Lunar Eclipse Caused by Moon-Ketu in Jupiter-Ruled Sagittarius 

The Moon or mind principle will be eclipsed by Ketu, affecting mental clarity and stability. Siddhas' Goddess Bala invoked during Guru Purnima ceremonies can help gain mental clarity and confidence to ward off negative energies. Along with the newly added rituals, Goddess Bala, granter of Siddhi Powers, can give immense mental strength, mitigate adverse effects of the lunar eclipse, fulfill your desires, and help you enjoy the benefits of the royal Gaja Kesari Yoga. Use the Empower Me power remedy.

After 12 years!! This Guru Purnima is extra special because the Guru (Jupiter) will be in its own sign Sagittarius. On June 30, Jupiter in retrograde movement will be entering Sagittarius from Capricorn. Jupiter will be in Uttarashada star, ruled by the Sun, and also will receive the aspect of the Sun transiting in Gemini. Jupiter retrograde is the time to revisit your past, finish off pending projects, and revise your strategy. The blessings of your Guru on the day when Jupiter is in Sun's star can help you receive the Sun's positive qualities- courage, vigor, recognition, leadership abilities, and name and fame.

On Guru Purnima day, Venus, another Guru (Guru of non-godly beings), will be in its own sign Taurus (2nd house of finance and material assets in the natural zodiac). Blessings of your Guru on this day can help receive the positives of Venus in Taurus- choose the right investment options, minimize unwanted expenses, retain material comforts, and be disciplined in spending.

Ketu in Jupiter ruled Sagittarius after 18 years! The spiritual and wisdom planet Ketu along with Jupiter and Moon will be in Sagittarius, the 9th house of spirituality, wisdom, and higher learning in the natural zodiac. Moreover, Ketu is well-placed in its own star Moola. So, on this Guru Purnima, if you continually remember your Guru, meditate, pray and completely surrender your mind to your Guru, then Ketu can only do good by improving your focus and help to be goal-oriented.

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