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Rocky start to 2019?

If your year is off to a rocky start…

You may feel more insecure than usual and find yourself wondering what others think of you. Feeling overly emotional and inexplicably exhausted, as well as experiencing self-doubt or dread when you think about the year ahead...

You’re not alone! And you WILL be ok.

2019 IS A NUMBER 3!

You see, the number 3 is the most magical of all numbers...

But sometimes dangerously so. The number 3 comes with its own warning label, a dark side that we’d be foolish to not tell you about now, while the year is young. You have time to harness the spiritual power to change your destiny!

Remember, the number 3 ignites your voice, giving you the power to cast magnificent affirmations of light and truth so you can energize and attract everything you want in life…

But with self-expression often comes self-doubt, self-sabotage and intense insecurity.

So, if you’re not careful, 2019 may sting a bit...

Especially when it stirs up some past subconscious blocks and emotions around your true, unedited self-expression.

Therefore, 2019 is not the year to stop and wonder what other people think of you for too long or let misdirected judgments seep into the unlimited and powerful being you are.

It’s a year to voice who you are and what you want powerfully and confidently, deflecting any negative emotions that don’t belong to you, while gently and lovingly pushing through the ones that do…

And we’ve got your back the entire way.

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